...bending over backwards to help

Have you ever thought of departmentalizing your business?? Here at Panda Bookkeeping we offer reports and breakdowns for separate areas of your business, this will enable you to maximize efficiency by concentrating your efforts on the areas that bring you the highest returns! 


How many hours do you spend doing your invoices, receipts and making it all balance?  Here at Panda Bookkeeping we do this all the time and could probably do it quicker, leaving you to earn more money than we would charge.  No obligation - friendly chat to see what it would cost.


Are you a business working from home? you maybe just need that little bit of extra help, hand over your bookkeeping to Panda and we can take the stress out of your life, just think of the benefits to your company and to you !  We are fairly confident that us Panda girls can reduce your Accountant's bill too :-)


Maybe your still not sure about HMRC's RTI (Real Time Information) give Panda a call, we offer advice over the telephone, or can come to you and explain everything in plain English! all we ask for is a cuppa :-)


Us Panda girls work with village halls, friendly business people, the local gym, sole traders, local retailers, composers, an inventor! and even a client that has French bank accounts!, processing their books from start to finish.....including keying their PAYE every month, emailing them the correct figures and even printing or emailing the payslips!, its that simple, we charge just £7.50 per payslip for the PAYE think of how much time and cost that will save you :-) 

Or are you doing your own bookkeeping and just not sure that its 'quite right' and need that reassurance?.....give us a call, we can pop over or arrange to meet somewhere quiet and warm have a look over a cuppa!, here at Panda Bookkeeping we are familiar with most bookkeeping online systems including Sage, Sage One, Kashflow, Xero, Quickbooks and Freeagent and from a little as £12 per month for the software....or we can just work on a simple Excel spreadsheets, which will give you peace of mind too....

Is your bookkeeping still paperbase? if the answer is YES us Panda ladies can transfer all your customer/suppliers details onto a computer based bookkeeping software package, it will benefit your company and will be so more efficient which will result in you spending more time enjoying your life :-))  You can even have a  'app' on any smartphone which means you take a picture of your receipt, press the magic button and yipee it will go into the 'receipt bank', we can do all this for you :-)

                         ***HAPPY NEW YEAR***

As the dark nights are upon us (hopefully not much longer!) the heating is on full blast, wishing that you were sat in your cosy pj's, but no you can't because unfortunately your books need sorting does that sound familiar?, maybe its time to think about changing your current bookkeeping situation and think about more efficient/easier options,  as previously mentioned easy straight talking software packages for £12 p/m! just give us a call, we can meet for coffee or tea then suggest different packages..... trust us you will walk away thinking....phew :-)

We can also offer  in house training on most bookkeeping systems.

At Panda we can also cover your administration work, so if you just need couple of hours admin doing per week, we can help too, as well as your bookkeeping....which again will save you time....